Best Charger For ASUS ROG Ally In 2023

best charger for asus rog ally

As the ASUS ROG Ally takes the portable gaming market by storm, players will want to ensure their device stays powered up throughout all their gaming escapades.

If you’ve misplaced the one that comes bundled in, or it’s simply turned faulty after some time, an efficient, fast, and reliable replacement charger is key.

Let’s delve into a comparison of the top four chargers that pair well with the ASUS ROG Ally, with our top pick taking the lead, and the rest following in no particular order, but all offering different strengths and weaknesses.

Best ASUS ROG Ally Chargers 2023

ugreen 100w multi usb charger

UGREEN 100W 4-Port Charger

  • Multiple ports
  • 100W output
  • Compact
  • Expensive
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The UGREEN 100W USB C Charger tops our list with an impressive 100W max fast charge, a trait that ensures your ASUS ROG Ally is fueled up in no time. Its 4-in-1 multiport charging feature allows for concurrent charging of multiple devices, making it a versatile choice for users with an assortment of tech gadgets.

Safety and reliability are paramount with UGREEN’s charger. Equipped with dynamic temperature sensors and an intelligent PWM chip, the charger adjusts power outputs to safeguard your devices. Further enhancing its appeal is its compact, portable design, thanks to a GaN chip and a foldable plug design. This charger, compatible with a wide range of devices, offers both power and convenience in a pocket-sized package.

tecknet multi usb 65w charger

TECKNET 65W 3-Port Charger

  • Multiple ports
  • Latest GaN chip technology
  • Runs quite hot
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The TECKNET 65W USB C Charger features PD 3.0 with PPS technology that ensures a high-speed charging experience for your ROG Ally. Its compact size and weight of only 3.88 oz make it travel-friendly, with a foldable plug enhancing its portability.

This charger utilises the latest GaN chip technology, reducing its size and weight while improving charging efficiency and safety. Moreover, its built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. With wide compatibility and a 36-months warranty, TECKNET’s charger is a reliable option for powering your portable gaming device.

anker nano 2 65w usb c charger

Anker Nano 2 65W USB-C Charger

  • Very compact
  • GaN II technology
  • Only one port
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Anker brings to the table its USB C Nano II 65W charger, an innovation in compact and powerful charging solutions. This charger proves that you don’t have to compromise on power for portability. It promises high-speed charging that can power a MacBook Air in less than two hours, while also charging phones at impressive speeds.

Anker’s Nano II charger utilises advanced GaN II technology, offering a 100% increase in operating frequency, innovative stacked design, and an upgraded circuit board structure. This allows for a smaller charger without sacrificing power, making it a fantastic match for the ASUS ROG Ally.

The Nano II’s foldable plug design further enhances its portability. Also, the charger comes with Anker’s worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service, making it a robust and dependable choice.

amazonbasics 64w usb c charger

Amazonbasics 65W USB-C Charger

  • Budget-friendly
  • GaN technology
  • No PPS technology
  • Only one port
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The Amazon Basics 65W One-Port GaN USB-C Wall Charger brings a balance of simplicity, speed, and compactness. With a power output of 65 watts, this charger can efficiently power up your ASUS ROG Ally along with various compatible devices.

Its GaN technology wastes less power and produces less heat, resulting in a more efficient charging process. The charger also features a compact design, thanks to the GaN components and a foldable plug, making it perfect for travelling.

The Amazon Basics charger also includes integrated safety features to protect your device from over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuiting, ensuring a safe charging experience. Backed by Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty, this charger is a reliable, straightforward, and powerful option for your ROG Ally.

What Is The Best Charger For ASUS ROG Ally?

While each of the chargers mentioned brings unique qualities to the table, the UGREEN 100W USB C Charger stands out as the top pick for the ASUS ROG Ally.

Its impressive power output, wide compatibility, advanced safety features, and compact design make it an excellent choice for ensuring your gaming device never runs out of power.

However, your final choice will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s the multi-device charging capabilities of UGREEN, the compact efficiency of TECKNET, the small yet powerful Anker Nano II, or the simple and fast Amazon Basics charger, you’ll be investing in a top-notch charger that keeps your ASUS ROG Ally powered for endless hours of gaming.

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